Just installed my first ROM, Pac-Man

Discussion in 'Galaxy S3 ROMS' started by cybertec69, Mar 18, 2013.

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    It is the Pac-Man ROM, first non TouchWiz ROM, now I know what they mean by bloatware and TouchWiz slowing the system down, this thing is smooth, my only question is I can not find drive mode "where you get the text messages and incoming call spoken out loud, otherwise this is fantastic, [ROM][OFFICIAL][4.2.2] PAC-Man ROM v21.0.0 [AOSPA + AOKP + CM10.1] (3/13/13) - xda-developers
    If you decide to install over another ROM I suggest a clean data wipe, including Delvik casche and standard casche. I tried to do a dirty flash without the data wipe and it kept hanging. :icon_ lala:
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