How To Bypass FRP On Just About Every Android Device!

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    RootJunky released about 10 videos showing ways to bypass factory reset protection on several devices with several different types of exploits. Its kind of a JOKE! Why even include it Google? I mean I know locks are only for honest people. If a thief wants to break in he's going to kick down the door, but come on. At least you could dead bolt the door. I mean heck you are Google you could make the door a bank vault door and place a couple Queen's Guards out front. Instead we get an old rickety screen door.

    To be fair most people attempting to gain access to a phone locked down by FRP would not have the skill set to break in like Tom. Hopefully something good will come out of this. These types of videos exist to expose weak points. Hopefully Google will be able to get all these holes patched up.
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