How do I use my PC as a bluetooth headset on Moto Droid?

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    Is there a way for me to use my PC as bluetooh headset with my Motorola Droid? I have a Thinkpad, running Windows 7 with built-in bluetooth - I can pair the phone and the PC together, but when I make a call the bluetooth button on the phone isn't enabled.

    I remember with my old moto krzr I was able to do it, and it would play the phone audio through the PC.

    Ultimately what I'm trying to do is record some voicemail messages I have saved to MP3 files. I want to switch back over to the Google Voice voicemail, but I've got a couple of messages on Verizon that i want saved. Short of an audio cable, is there any other way I can record audio that is being played on my phone? The BT headset method seemed like such a great idea.

    Thanks for any help!
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