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    Aug 20, 2010
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    Hey guys.

    So yeah, I'm pretty new to these forums. Before this I was using an AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser) which I got on Christmas of '08. I quickly grew dissatisfied with Windows Mobile, and after finding the XDA Developers community, I started by putting custom WinMO ROMs on my phone, but eventually I found Android ROMs that people had made for my phone there. So, I've actually been using Android since late winter of '09. A couple of months ago, my phone's SIM card reader just crapped out. I needed a new phone, but I was set on Android, and AT&T's Android options aren't great. A friend of mine has the DROID which I liked a lot, but I knew the DROID2 would be coming out soon so I waited, switched to Verizon and now I have the DROID2! I'm pretty happy with it so far. I was looking for DROID2 ROMs on XDA, but I couldn't find any and someone suggested going here.

    Long intro was a bit long, but I wanted to tell you guys how I got here!
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