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    Jul 15, 2010
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    Hello, I just got the new Motorola Droid X today. This is my first smart phone although both my father ( Sprint Samsung Moment) and brother (Verizon Original Droid) have Droids :motdroidhoriz:. Luckily for me I've gotten to be around those. Plus all my friends have Iphones and Ipod touches :iphone: :dry:, so I've used touch screen phones before.

    So my experience getting the phone today was perfection. We got to the empty verizon store near my house at 11 AM. I was switched over to my brother's account. They didnt have any phones in stock, but the sales rep told me that they were being delievered to the Verizon HQ that day. Instead of having UPS trucks drive and deliver the phones to each store, when the phones were delivered, store reps from surrounding stores just drove their cars and picked it up. (Major trust for their employees, right?!?!? I mean could you imagine if a car load of Droid Xes went missing... along with the employee.... [​IMG]). So they called me at 2:00 pm and said in about 30 mins the droid should be in store. At 2:30 pm I roll up in there (no line- Only had like one other customer there). I sat down. They brought my Droid and one of the sales guys walked me through it! Easy! They already ported my number from my old cell carrier prior to me having the phone physically in my hand.

    I was the first person to get the phone! They were excited to activate mine seeings as I am the first!

    With my google voice number my calls and texts are essentially free! So I am sooo excited to be a DROID stan!