Hi, I'm new to Android, Smartphones, and Verizon!

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    Hi everyone,

    I am currently using a Nokia 2720 Prepaid phone, never owned a smartphone, barely know about the existence of Android and what it actually is and can do, and I am switching to Verizon later this month for the first time in 5 years.

    All in all... I have no idea what I am even doing here... except that...

    I went to my local verizon store yesterday and got to look at their various phones. One thing I liked right off the bat was just how many in-store phones actually were working models instead of just display models with a paper displays!

    The following models caught my eye for various reasons: Droid Eris, Blackberry Storm 2, Droid, and Droid X, I didn't see the Droid Incredible there.

    The clicky screen of the storm 2 was pretty cool. The form factor and ruggedness of the Droid was nice, and the simple, rounded, soft and clean look of the Droid Eris was a warm welcome.

    The sales rep in store had a Droid X in the back and he actually went back and brought it to let me fiddle around with it, much appreciated. He helped me to look at various functions of the device and answered any questions i had. I didn't play with it for too long but i came out thinking wow, that was pretty cool, but boy is it expensive... I'm not sure I can spend 300$ on a phone, on top of the 2-year contract and 30$ data fee, even with the 100$ rebate on the phone with 70$-ish tax.

    What I still have no clue about is what exactly is Android? And how do these so called "apps" work? Do I buy them, download for free, or do they come by default on the phone? And how much do they cost if bought?

    Anyways I'm glad to be here, I look forward to getting along with all of you!