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    Hows it going everyone? I just ordered an HTC Incredible from the Verizon store yesterday! Of course, its backordered so I don't have it yet.... but it should come within 3 weeks :dry:I can't wait to mess with it.

    As far as phones I've had in the past, its really nothing special. Moto E816, and a Chocolate 2. The E816 I flashed and stuff. I didn't do anything with the chocolate, but that thing was near indestructible. I've had it for about 3 years and I figured its time for an upgrade. So the Droid is my very first smartphone (or should I say, geniusphone)

    The one thing I didn't like when testing the Incredible was the Sense UI. I like the UI on the stock Android OS, like on the moto droid. I've read a few things about rooting, but I know the Incredible hasn't been "rooted" yet.

    Anyway, thats my little intro, hope to learn a bunch here! dancedroid