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    Hi there.

    I'm new here and excited to have found this community. My name is radioone, and I just joined because I am about to get my first smartphone. Yay for me.

    Frankly, if you know me personally, it'd be surprising that I don't already have one. I build my own computers, my friends computers, I am always fooling around with my computer, with Linux, with my netbook and all sort of electronic gadgets... And how's this: I even have a amateur radio license to boot.

    But I have a dumb, dumb phone. Always have. I don't call people a lot. Partly because my phone is for emergencies, my battery never gets charged, my present phone is 2G and AT&T coverage does not work really for me.

    Well, my wife got a friend's Blackberry Bold as a cast-off, and she now gets great reception. Me, I step one foot inside a structure and BAM, no coverage. Add to that AT&T's godawful pricing and selection of Android phones.

    Get this, a few weeks back they offered the HTC Inspire for $99. I tried to upgrade for that and I could not. So, now that my upgrade date has officially come... That phone is $199 (with discount) and further it becomes $69.99 with some 'onlive GPS tracker subscription' thingy. Yah, right.

    So, I took the plunge-- I signed up for VZ and there was a deal for a free Droid 2 Global. How could I say no? I didn't. My new phone bill will double from $40 to $80. But now with reception and internet access- I will use phone and carry it. (My wife should be happy.) My best friend has had a Droid 1 for quite awhile and it's still hella cool to me. All I have to do now is tell her I ported my number over... (Uh oh...)
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    welcome to the forum! I know vzw has the best coverage IMO. so glad u made the switch. hope u find the community very informative and helpful

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