help needed plzz :'(

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    help mee..........
    2day i got my android 2.1 {mmx a60} so i started downloading apps frm market wen i downloaded like 15 of them then notification came saying that my internal memory was full
    the i came across APP 2 SD ........... wen ever i tried 2 install it im having this message saying "Parse Error : There is a problem parsing the package" i dont even know wat it means i download it in both ways via PC n PHONE
    so i moved on for searching other apps like that ...... :mad:
    the other apps got installed :'( but they r backuping my apps but not
    installing them on sd so i have 2 again install/restore them 2 play
    does any body know a solution plzzz so that i can install them on my sd
    ........................THANX IN ADVANCE
    this is my 1st post :p :icon_ banana:
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