Help my brother by Liking his duck on Facebook, Read on...

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    My brother is in a contest right now, whoever gets the most "Like"s on a photo of a Rubber Duck they designed wins.

    First, go here & click "Like" Bradley Square Mall - Shopping/Retail - Cleveland, TN | Facebook

    Then go here & click "Like" Bradley Square Mall's Photos - Most Dashing Duck Contest 2011 | Facebook

    It would also be really helpful if you'd post this on your profile as well & tell your friends.


    I normally wouldn't intervene or care about something like this, but the guy in 1st place is an ***.

    Example: My friend's getting married, when this guy found out, he went up to him in front of a large group of people and said You're Marrying HER?!"..

    Together, we can stop this monster.