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Sep 11, 2011
    1. Preach2k
      Thunderbolt is yesterdays technology Dual core and Quad Core is the future. The Bionic or what ever I buy will be a phone i will have for a 2 year contract so I want the best...
    2. Preach2k
      Dual Core is the Future yes people are saying that Thunderbolt is a good phone and i am not knocking it but I want Dual core and when Honeycomb is released for the Dual Core phones this year it will maximize the speed and battery life. It will make the bionic the Better Phone.. What people are judging on right now is speculations. I like to wait on the facts... I don't know if I will stick with the Bionic or not. But right now that is my pick unless a much better Dual Core is released at the Same time.. The Bionic is coming with an dock Just like the DX did.. This is info. is from Black_Man_X.. So to brag about the kickstand on the Thunderbolt is not a big deal to me.. I can use the Docking station or get the body Glove case with the kickstand attachment. I will be going to verizon to mess with the Thunderbolt to see how it handles.. When the Bionic comes Out I will do the same thing. 2-3 weeks after the Bionic is released I will buy my next phone... Will Be Dual core though..
    3. hemorrdroid
      When i made it i squished it down to 80x80p i'll see if i still have the full size one saved somewhere, otherwise i can make another one when i get a chance. Glad you like it :)

      Big LOTR fan here as well!
    4. cereal killer
      cereal killer
      Hiya : ) Yes haloman the quadrant scores will be higher because the Quadrant software/application is not optimized to bench the dual core yet. I hope that makes a little more sense.
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