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    I had an original Droid for ~8 months then got a Droid2 and had it for a little under a year. Then 2 months ago I got a Iphone4. I like some of the features of the I4 but miss the Droid experience as well. I have another upgrade available on the 22nd of this month and can't make my mind up as to what I want to get. My I4 is jailbroke and I have some features that I would like to have with whichever Droid I get. I will keep both for a while to decide which I like better.

    1. Facetime equivilant (over 3G as well, rooted?)
    2. Password protect any app I choose
    3. Free WiFy hotspot (have to root?)
    4. Netflix
    5. Quick dials (just tap icon and dial a #)

    I had Launcher pro on my D2 and liked it so something that is compatable with that as well
    I am mainly looking at the D X2, D Inc2 and Charge but am open to suggestions as well.