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    Hello, and I'm sorry if I seem like a robot at times, but I assure you, I have a soul.

    I have the soul of a conquerer,
    A monster and a hero.
    I may not be perfect,
    But damnit I try.

    I may not be pretty,
    But thats' okay, I'm not for sissies
    I'm just not the kind of guy
    That'll stand by while you my friend has to suffer.

    I'm also quite strong
    Things just don't hurt me.
    I'm also quite smart
    I can even multitask.

    I'm easy to get along with,
    It's easy to push all of my right buttons.

    One last thing, if I seem hot, I'm not having a fever.
    I'm likely just working extra hard for you.

    Hello, everyone, my name is Droid.

    Sorry if this isn't worded great, I simply did it out of boredom and love for the Droid.