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    Hows it going? I've been reading and following the forums since December and finally decided I needed to register to get into the discussions.

    My name is Gary and I'm from NY.. Currently work in IT for a large pharmaceutical company and own two Motorola Droids.. Owned one, lost it in Manhattan, ordered a new one the next day only to find out my old phone had been found and turned in at Grand Central.. So now I have two (Bonus!). So now the old phone has become my test dummy. Any new builds that come out go on there first to test before I put them on my actual phone. Currently I have Bugless Beast 2.1 on my real phone and just installed BB 2.2 v4 on the backup to test out. Very impressed with Pete has done. I've also used Smoked Glass in the past and will continue to try different mods to see which one is best. So if anyone needs a beta tester before they release a build by all means feel free to shoot me a message, would be glad to help out.

    Looking forward to speaking with the rest of you guys.. Keep up the great work.