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    Hello to everyone. I have been a Droid user for the past 2 years, and I just upgraded to the Droid 3. I love the phone, but the battery life sucks. I have a second battery but can only charge it in the phone, so I have to keep changing batteries to make sure they are both charged. I have spent hours online trying to find an extra battery charger, but I guess the Droid 3 is too new. I have always had an extra battery charger for all of my smartphones, so that a battery is always charged. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have found battery power packs, but I'm not sure how they work. The ones I have been looking at are the New Trent ifuel IMP500 5000mAh External Battery pack and Charger, the Motorola Power Pod Universal External Battery, or the iGo Charge Anywhere External Battery Charger. Does anyone know anything about any of these items, or does anyone have any other suggestions.