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Discussion in 'Droid X2 Tech Support' started by jakethejake, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Hey guys.

    I just picked up a Droid x2, and I'm having issues with group texting.

    Basically, I created a group, and when I go to send a text to the group, it gives me an "invalid recipient" or something similar, message.

    It's crucial that I be able to send group texts (not a text thread, or anything that will text EVERYONE whenever one person responds) just a simple way to group contacts so I can send a text out to all of them.

    Am I doing something wrong in the sending process? when I enter the group into the To: field, it says *group name* 0/11 (that is, 11 people total in the group, but it says 0/11 next to it..)

    Any help would be much appreciated as this is a use I really need for work.

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