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    I have 2 groups that i need to be able to email or txt daily. The one group goes to a group of pagers that have alpha-numeric capabilities. When I had my blackberry, i just hit the group and was able to send an SMS text to their pagers and it would go through right away (their pagers addresses are setup like email address---i.e., Also, with the blackberry, if i sent via email instead of txt, it would go through but take a couple of extra minutes. So, i mainly selected SMS txt.

    Now, with the Droid and using ContactsU to set up a group, it will only let me select the email option. If I use my Comcast email account, it goes through but the message is all garbled (sp??). If I use my Gmail account, it may or may not go through and if it does, it takes over one hour.

    Any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks in advance.
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