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    So, it's election season in Southern California and I just got the knock on the door, and to my utter surprise the door knocker was using a droid app called "Grassroot" it identifies voters in the area, who wants lawn signs, whether you're a permanent absentee voter, and I would assume voting record. While, I wasn't concerned with privacy because as soon as you are marked with who you are voting it goes straight to the database and out of the phone. I did want to find out where I can get it does anyone know where to get this? Or if this is a part of a package deal, I'm assuming it's apart of a deal because how else would they get the voter information plus they have to set up a database computer to receive said information right? Anyone know where I can find out more information it's not for me but a young upstart techie who is considering running for a local city position... I think it's great that android is being used in this capacity!:p

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