Google's Fuchsia Now Has A Phone and Tablet UI

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    Google has been working on an all new OS for the past few months. This new OS ditches the Linux kernel for the new Magenta kernel. Android Authority was able to get their hands on a pre beta build and actually installed it on a device, but the build was so early it was limited to command lines. A new report suggest that work has continued on Fuchsia. There is apparently a new smartphone and tablet UI included in the latest builds. Technically if you knew what you were doing you could build this into an app and run it on your device.

    The report indicates an entirely different Home screen layout than what we are used to with Android. At this point Fuchsia is set up like a vertically scrolling list. The homescreen includes your profile picture, date, location, and battery icon. Story cards also appear to be included in the homescreen experience. Just about everything has been changed for Fuchsia. For some reason with all the talk of a new OS I can't help but think Google has finally figured out middle-out compression (high five if you get the reference)!

    via Arstechnica
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    so basically it's a fancy google now that doesn't do much of anything.