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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Thorvindr, Dec 19, 2009.

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    So I heard a lot of people talking about the "poor" voice quality on the DROID, but had yet to experience it myself. My uncle and I both upgraded from the BBStorm on launch day, and the voice quality is vastly superior to any other cell phone I've ever used (Blackberry Storm, Curve & Moto Razr V3r). But I thought "what the hell?" So I called my google voice account from my droid and left a voicemail. Then I changed the vocode to evrc-b and left the same voicemail. Then I changed it to 13k and left the same voicemail a third time. When playing them back on my computer (high-quality audio equipment attached), they all sound exactly the same.

    I figure there are three possible explanations for this:

    1. I'm in an area that uses evrc-b, so whatever my phone is set for, it detects the best thing it can find and uses that.

    2. Google Voice records my voicemail at quality==X, so they all sound the same.

    3. A lot of DROID users are retarded and the vocode makes no difference it sound quality.

    Anybody have any insight? I'm not looking for conjecture. I have plenty of that already. I'm looking for someone with technical knowledge of Google Voice or cell networks.
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    Thats pretty interesting, I been wanting to change the vocodes myself and see the difference in audio quality. I too switched from a blackberry and was blown away by the sound quality when I call someone. Even the noise cancellation is amazing.

    Unfortunately I cant answer any of your question but I am looking to see what answers come within the topic.

    By the you have any extra google voice invites I may have? I have a wave if your interested ^_^
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