Gingerbread renders GPS unusable? Please help.

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    I can't be the only one having this issue. I was very pleased with the long-awaited OTA GB update, and it ran smoothly all day. But I went for my evening run, for which I use the Runkeeper app, and no matter how many reboots, battery pulls etc it was not reading the GPS signal. I just did a timed run instead (how old school) and when I got home I tried troubleshooting. The Maps app is also unusable: it either falls back on the cell tower location or places me (consistently) a couple of miles directly across from my actual location.

    With research, I saw that Nexus One users were also having geolocation Gingerbread issues that were only resolved with Android 2.3.4, not an option for Droid X users yet (I think). Surely I'm not the only X user who has run into this problem since the update? GPS is probably 15-20% of what I use the phone for! I EDdon't want to have to roll back to Froyo, not that I'm even sure how to do that. :p

    EDITED TO ADD: SOLVED! As per a poster in a similar thread, there are three services available under Location & Security settings. The one for Google apparently doesn't mesh well with the gingerbread update, or something; disabling it while enabling Standard and Verizon services appeats to have fixed the problem. Phew!
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