FrostWire Alpha Testers Needed!

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    Want to alpha test an Android file sharing/peer-to-peer app? Then you must check out a brand new app called FrostWire. FrostWire is a short range peer-to-peer (p2p) client that allows users who are connected to the same wireless network to interact and share files. This is pure gold if you ask me. Through initial tests, the developers were able to see transfer speeds of 1.2Mb/s which is nothing to be ashamed of on a mobile device.

    Sounds solid right?

    Check out their video promo…
    You can sign up for their alpha testing program, but they want to see some of the following info when filling out your application:

    • Have one or more Android Devices (+1.6)
    • See other people with Android Devices (+1.6) on a daily basis
    • Can express yourself clearly
    • Experience with Alpha Testing and Bug Reporting is a plus
    • Understand Filesharing and Love Technology
    • Love FrostWire
    If you meet most of those needs, then head over to the signup page.

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