Fresh RC3 Install, can't rotate screen. (And a few other miscellaneous problems.)

Discussion in 'Droid X Roms' started by Zovc, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hey, guys. I spent a little while wrestling with my Droid X last night, trying to put the most recent version of ApeX on it. After a few SBF flashes, I finally got my phone where it needed to be, it took Gingerbread, then it took ApeX RC3.

    So far I'm really liking how much faster my phone runs, but I'm disappointed with a few things. I miss my old camera and my old media player, I don't have media controls at my lock screen, which I used regularly, and as bad as the camera software that came with my Droid X was, this camera software is atrocious comparatively.

    Those are lesser concerns than my main problem. My phone does not rotate between portrait and landscape modes. I can operate like this, but I much prefer typing in landscape, but I'm stuck in portrait. I've gone to Settings > Display, and toggled Auto-Rotate screen, but that doesn't work (checked or unchecked, even if I restart afterwards).

    Finally, the launcher along the bottom of my phone allows me to add Contacts or Dialer to the launcher, but they don't work. It tells me the application is not installed when I try to access the shortcut. It also doesn't use the proper icon if that helps you diagnose the problem. (The applications work when I use them from the applications bin or from desktop shortcuts.)

    When I was fooling around with CyanogenMod, they used a theming suite called ADWLauncher, I believe. I really liked its intergration to Cyanogen, how it was incorporated into the settings menu and everything. Would I be able to use ADW similarly with ApeX? I get the feeling using it could solve a lot of my problems.

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