Found some stylus's anyone try em yet?

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    ok so as the previous posts about stylus's (styli?, stylus'?) everyone seems to not come to a conclusion but here i have found two sites with different stylus's and i was wondering if anyone has tried either of these. I also thought this might help some people who were curious cause the one from cellphoneshop is only 3 dollars. i plan on trying the one thats in the 2nd link unless someone states otherwise or should i just wait it out until an actual droid stylus is developed? really wanna draw better in those sketch games now though lol

    Verizon Motorola Droid Stylus : (5 Star Rating): Google Checkout available.

    Touch Stylus Pen For Apple iPhone, iPod touch, Touch Screens, Cliq, Droid - Apple iPod Touch (3rd generation) - 32GB, 64GB

    Edit: i ordered 3 from cellphoneshop(2nd link) and i should be receiving them within 10 business days approximately so i will let you guys know how that one works on the sketches and stuff once i get them
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