Force Close Diables Phone and Messaging?

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    I did a search and did not find a thread addressing this, so I hope that I did not miss an open thread.

    Yesterday I got a message that had three medium-sized photos attached (around 1 mb each, jpeg format) to my work email (so Exchange server set up thru the Email application). I went to open the first photo, and received a message that the Email program encountered a problem and was "force closing". I do not have the exact text of the message but that was basically all it said.

    I told it "OK" or whatever the prompt was, and it took me back to the list of messages in my Inbox. I was kind of expecting that it would take me completely out of the app, but maybe it restarted it and it was not obvious that it did so. Is this normal?

    Anyway, after this occurred, apparently my Verizon phone service, and text messaging (and I think Email and Gmail though I do not know for certain) went "out to lunch". Callers to my number immediately were sent to voicemail, and text messages sent did not come thru.

    After I found out (by someone calling my landline and telling me that they could not get thru on my Droid, I confirmed that indeed calls to my phone were directed immediately VM (as if the phone was switched off). I powered off, and then back on, and that reset things so that everything worked again. Calls came through and text messages sent in the meantime came thru as well.

    I was able to reproduce this problem by trying to open that same photo again, with the same force quit message and the same consequences as far as phone service go. Note: there was nothing malicious about the photo that caused the problem that I could see. It was basically the same as the other two that were attached, except for crashing the application that is. The photos came from a trusted source, so I do not suspect any kind of intentional trouble.

    My questions are: do I need to restart the phone any time I get a "force close" in an application? Has anyone else seen this type of behavior in their phone? I rely on my phone for work, and I can't afford to have it turn itself off so to speak, especially when it appears to still be running. The situation was made even worse since I was unable to receive text or email messages letting me know that I had voicemail, and of course I had no record of missed calls since the call never tried to come thru.

    I have not seen any recommendations but perhaps it is standard procedure to restart the phone in case of an error, but I would like to hope that the operating system is robust enough to handle an application crash.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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