Focal's Exodus From Cyanogen Mod Leads To Play Store Entrance!Q

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    Over the weekend Focal made a dramatic Exodus from the worlds most popular custom Rom, Cyanogen Mod. Not to long ago there was much excitement over the all new camera app that had been integrated into Cyanogen Mod. Focal was full of features and super quick, but soon it became a buggy mess that CM just couldn't keep up with. Apparently there were also some issues between Focal's developer and the CM team which had to do with licensing in the wake of the CM Incorporation announcement. This means that you will no longer see Focal in Cyanogen Mod however developer "TeamBBQ" has already put Focal in the market and it has already seen more than 50,000 downloads!

    The Focal app includes many features such as photo and videos modes with burst mode, timer mode, shutter speed, panorama mode, pic sphere, review drawer and more! This is in beta mode and may not work 100% of the time. The developer will continue to update this app on a regular basis squashing bugs as they arise. Grab this from the Play Link below.

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