Cyanogen Mod Theme Showcase App Released To Play Store

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    If you are running Cyanogen Mod 11 on your device with the all new theme engine you are probably looking for a new theme to use on your device. Not only does this do a great job of aggregating all of the available themes that will work with CM11 theme changer it also allows you to mix and match elements of each theme. You can use this app to combine and use styles, icons, fonts, sounds, bootanimations, and wallpapers from different themes to create the most unique theme ever. Cyanogen Mod themes will theme the entire rom from your homescreen, to apps, to your entire system framework. You can now use third party launcher icon packs in conjunction with CM11 themes! There is a theme submission tool so that developers can easily incorporate their themes within the app which means that you will find all new themes all the time. Head to the Play link below to download this app for free.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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