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    To start off almost straight to the point. Less hen a moth old Droid inc rooted and flashed to redemptive Rom. No special kernel afaik. My CPU is at 999mh. And amps get up to like 350 ish ma temp makes at 115 degrees Fahrenheit. That's all I know of details for this phone.

    The problems...
    Just a min ago my phone froze and then restarted about five seconds after it froze. Am I running to hot? I tried lowering the CPU to like 800 but it wouldn't change.

    My next problem is now and then(dont remember if its when its hot or what...) my touchscreen lags. Like I type the word incredible. And I type it in about one second. The keys dontshow that I'm hitting a key when I hit the key. About a second after I hit the key it shows that I typed that letter and takes up to like ten seconds a word. This happened before I rooted once and once after I rooted/rom'd.

    And he with trying problem.... when watching a movie or something like that the home key menu back and search are lit up the entire time. How do I dim/shut the light for them off... if they never light up again I wouldn't care...

    I know I have more oil problems/ want to fix things but this is te main consern. And my keyboard ia doinf Itnow. 105 degrees and 3oo ma 998 CPU... and now its gone again and working fine...