Facets, The Coolest Wallpaper APP That MKBHD Endorses

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    If you want a look to match your mood for your homescreen chances are you will find it in the Facets wallpaper APP. If you have seen any of the device reviews by MKBHD chances are you have noticed some of the awesome wallpapers on his Desktop PC screen. These wallpapers are the artwork of "Justin Maller". JM has released an image a day art series. The facets app gives you access to each of the 365 pieces of art which you can set as your home screens wallpaper. Each image has been individually recomposed and resized to fit your devices screen. Once you find the perfect wallpaper just swipe up to set as wallpaper, swipe down for more info on the image. The app is a steal at .99. Grab the app from the play link below.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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