[VIDEO] OYM WallPaper Manager JApp. Constantly Updated WallPaper Chooser App!

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    A few weeks ago we highlighted the OYM wallpaper app. The video above is a full walkthrough of OYM wallpaper manager. The thing that stands out most about this wallpaper app is the simple fact that each wallpaper app is hand customized and themed. True artistry goes into each wallpaper. This is not just a collection of random images this is actually the art work of NeffStar and Jhey. They contribute to the wallpaper manager new walls daily. If you are a fan of Marvel or DC this app is for you. If you like Starwars there are plenty of walls for you. If you are a fan of Tv series and movies there is something for you. It seems like there is pretty much something for every taste included in this wallpaper app. Head to the link below for he download.

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