Evaluation of the Samsung Continuum

Discussion in 'Samsung Continuum' started by bosshog85, Aug 11, 2011.

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    I just got my Samsung continuum and I am loving it. Its lightweight compared to my previous phone, the bulky LG Ally. It blazes with its 1Ghz processor and I personally think its very easy to type on the virtual keyboard with bigger thumbs. The super AMOLED screen is amazing and picture quality is perfect.

    A couple things to frown upon of course would be its firmware. This phone could really use Froyo. It would be nice to have flash support on my internet browser. Getting Froyo could also increase this device's battery life, which is OK at the moment. I also noticed that my phone doesn't support some apps that my Ally did that I really wanted.

    Overall, especially since at the moment you can get this phone free I strongly recommend this phone. Other Continuum owners feel free to post your opinion of this phone!

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