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    Before I went to bed last night I cleaned out my inbox of my POP3 inbox...
    I left it with only 1 email, and when I got up this morning I found that my Droid did not receive any emails since.
    I checked my computer email client and I had received 12 over night...
    Once I opened the account on the Driod it started to receive all the over nights email.

    Shouldn't the emails been pushed or sync automatically?
    I have sync checked for every 5 minutes but it doesn't.

    Also I chose to load more messages and I was surprised to see that allthe emails that I had deleted (or moved to the trash folder) were reloading as newly received messages.
    Is this right?
    I would have thought hat once deleted from the inbox it wouldn't be re-synced in again.

    LASTLY is there a way to or an app that will allow a me to delete all messages especially the ones in the trash folder, or do you need to check each one?

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