Email issues-- sending immediately? Delete all?

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    I recently bought a Droid after being a Treo user since they were hand-assembled by dinosaurs. The Droid, while occasionally puzzling or annoying, is turning out to be a mostly pretty-excellent replacement. The email client is driving me bonkers, though. There are two issues that I really want to find a solution for. I'm using the email client, not gmail.

    I've searched quite a bit, and I'm pretty sure there's no way to select all messages so that you can delete them. Is that correct? If so, what an atrocious usability oversight!

    Is there a way to configure the client to send mail immediately after you compose it, rather than having to go to the outbox and send it by hand?

    Assuming I can't find a solution for either of these, is there a good third-party email app to replace the one that came with the phone?
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