Earn points for trying free apps. Redeem points for Amazon.com gift cards and PayPal

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    Share with your friends on iOS and Android and get points for their downloads.

    Use the invitation code ''MLHRD3'' for a bonus start-up of 300 points.

    Tap an app on the ‘Get Points’ page and then tap the download button to go the App Store. Once you’ve downloaded the app you have to open and use it for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and complete any tutorials or registrations. Your points will then take up to a day to process.

    SUPPORT iOS and Android

    HOW TO:

    Step 1: Go to View attachment 61510 on your mobile device

    Step 2: Press Sign Up and install Cetificate (Won’t change or alter you device)

    Step 3: Save FeaturePoints as a Home Page to make a quick link (like an app) on your springboard

    Step 4: Download Apps to get points

    Step 5: REDEEM for free stuff

    View attachment 61506
    View attachment 61507
    View attachment 61508
    View attachment 61509
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