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    Hey.. So I have the $30 data plan on my Droid 2 which allows up to either 1 or 2 gigs. I downloaded Droid TV, which is an app that lets you "record" episodes of tv shows to your phone..it is basically a DVR app. I know an hour long episode of tv on my computer would take up a lot of space if put onto my phone, and I am wondering if the video size/space used and data used are directly related. Will each TV show I "record" eat up the same amount of my data allowance as it does memory on my SD card? Basically need to know the difference (if there is one) in the data used with memory stored. Say I record an hour long episode of a show on DroidTV that would normally take up 1gig on my computer...does that mean I just used up my entire data allowance by watching one show?

    I am worried after buying this app and now watching all these shows, I am going to go over my limit and owe a lot of $. IDK if this is a stupid question, sorry.
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