droid x issues!Help!

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by angelsmari, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Jan 31, 2011
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    I got my original droid and was totally fascinated with it but by the 3rd day started having issues...I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. It started freezing. I thought maybe it was only on certain apps but it did on various ones. So then I erased unneeded apps and it was still doing, tried soft reset,hard reset then wipe and nothing fixed it. So I finally resorted to "cert like new". It started spazzin out the day I got it..first it would txt u with every World typed..I kept correcting my spelling cuz of it and thought it was opp err but then it all the sudden started txting by itself! Gibberish of course, nothing that made sense. Then it happened at 3 in the morning too! So I sent it back and they send me another cert like new. This time my calls would cut out and it wouldn't let me set the alarm! All this time still hangin on to the original so id still have a semi working phone since I was horribly afraid the"cert like news" wouldn't work... just got the 3rd cert today..and with all the hassle ..im still worried it wont work right and my original is still screwin up like freezing, touch not responding, and ...web wont display when there's signal....ugh! I love Verizon and want this phone but at least one that works!