Droid X Auto Video Resize (Compress) Stopping at 81%

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    Hi Team - I hope I write this in a fashion that people will understand and be able to help.

    The video i recorded was 25 seconds or 12.4 MB in its native resolution.

    I record all my video in 720p HD, and when i want to sharethe video via text (MMS) I am notified that the file is too big, and it states - "Video size exeeds limitation" - "Would you like to resize". I click yes.

    I then open the settings, click on resize and choose the 320x240 option, click ok, hit settings again, click done. The Video Editor asks If I want to preview the video before saving, I click yes. I then click done and the video begins to compress but it STOPS at 81%, which means that I only get 18 seconds of the 25 second video!

    I did the same thing but chose the resolution size of 176x144 and the resizer goes through to 100%

    In a very interesting note I go to the gallery, choose the video>settings>edit>advanced>settings>resize> and choose the 320x240 OR the 640x480 resolutions and they compress to 100%

    Finally - the Auto Compressor does not pop up when i am attaching the videos to email, so i need to manually resize my videos first prior to attaching to an email. Does anyone know why this happens as well?
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