Droid Razr XT912 USB port not working?

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    So purchased this phone back in Feb on 2012. Broke the screen May 2012 and just got the time and money to replace the screen. Purchased the new screen/digitizer with front housing and replaced it myself. Screen is working flawlessly but it won't charge....

    Prior to repair I would plug it in sometime to give it a charge and power it on. I knew it was on because I saw the light/glow through the cracks...

    At first after replacing the screen the phone would not power on at all. I had charged it for at least 5 hours on different cables, wall chargers and a car charger. I then stripped an already freyed cable and tied it directly to the battery terminals and it came right on. It stated 60% battery life BUT the battery indicator and settings under battery said the current status was discharging, not charging. After a while that stopped working as well and immediately went down to 5% battery. When I would plug it in normally it'd flash the white light once at me then nothing. When plug into PC the PC (Win 7) would say the USB device is not recognized. When I would unplug the phone, wall or pc, it would vibrate, ding then start flashing red indicating a low battery level. I took the phone apart again and made sure that all connections in the area of the USB/HDMI looked proper and not damaged.

    I assumed it might be the battery... So I purchased a new battery. Now however when I plug the phone in there is nothing. PC doesn't say "not recognized" and it still wont charge. The battery is fully charged, since I assume the charge them fully prior to shipping, so I can't see yet if the white light comes on or if the phone will vibrate and indicate the disconnection of the cable.

    I am not using the cable that came with it however I had used multiple cables, of which worked prior to the screen breaking and thus repairs done.

    I'm lost. I think it might be the USB port/connection inside the phone but I find it slightly doubtful since it did recognize, to a degree, being plugged in/unplugged.
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