Droid Razr white light on USB, red M on stock Moto wall charger with stock cable...

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    Hello All,
    I know I have read many posts here and there regarding battery issues on this phone. I just have not read any definitive solutions.

    Stock Moto USB cable to PC = solid white light - white light turns on when plugged in, and white light turns off when unplugged.
    Stock Moto USB cable to stock Moto wall adapter = white light blinks once, then straight to the red M logo. Will never leave the red M logo unless unplugged.
    When at the red M logo, if I press power + Vol Down, the red M goes away for a short period (~4sec), then back to the red M logo (reboot?).

    When phone is "rebooting" after the above process, but before the red M re-appears, if I press power + Vol up + Vol down, I get the "Boot Mode Selection Menu"

    If I chose AP Fastboot I get a display that tells me battery low, cannot program, Connect USB data cable.

    The phone will sit at this menu selection indefinately. Will the phone charge in this state?

    I believe the battery is DEAD and that is that is causing my issue, but I don't know how to resolve it.

    From what I have read, I think I need to dissassemble and connect old stripped USB cable to the battery terminals for ~30 minutes.

    Is that the solution at this point, or is there another way to get it to charge?

    When connecting the old USB cable, red lead to + and black lead to -... ?

    Thanks for helping...
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