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    Hello! It's almost 2am and I just found this website. I will pour through the postings tomorrow but if anyone can answer - it'd be Soooo appreciated.

    - How can you forward a message that is in a thread?
    - Any shortcut for smileys while texting?? Took a min to find them. I 'use to' use them often.:icon_eek:
    - New to Verizon - my outgoing voicemail message says that the caller can press #4 and send me a fax. Really?? Is this an add-on that I am paying for? And where does it show up - mail?
    - Are you guys pairing successfully???? I'm going through the steps but can't seem to get it working. (I think it's my Sprint phone) Trying to pull over contacts from Sprint phone.
    - OK, this one is tricky. I installed a Dave Chapelle app. I thought it was little videos of him acting crazy but it was just the audio. I uninstalled it but the audio is still on my phone. I don't have any other music on it. And I can't figure out HOW to delete the audio. It plays in the Music Player. When I'm on that screen the menu button doesn't apply to the Music Player. HELP!!!! I really want it off.
    - Any word on when YouTube will be fixed for Eris???
    - And can we use hotmail instead of gmail? I couldn't find the option to be able to Change it over to hotmail since Google was already set up. If I can what's the drawback??

    Once again. It's late - just found this site and I've been working with the phone for the past 4 hours. I will search all the previous info posted for my answers. I'm just thrilled I found you. I sent three emails to Customer Service at Verizon and still waiting to hear back. Thanks ahead of time for any answers.


    Update - Couldn't go to sleep. Got the audio files deleted!! Yeah! Don't have ANY clue how I got to it but I just kept digging and digging until I found a delete button. One off the list - will research the managing of audio files for the future.
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