Droid calendar and contact Sync problems

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    I have an office with users accessing email via phones. They used to be Blackberries but now with the Droids we are having a strange problem. I can get the phone to connect to an account and have all the options (email,calender, contacts checked) but they only download email not the calendar or contacts. I can send and receive email from the phone.

    There are no errors and no other calendars set on the phone. I have the calendar set as the options say 'Visible' but the phone calendar is blank. What makes it even more strange is that if I add an appt on the phone calendar it appears in Outlook calendar. Its like there is some sort of connection but not enough to make the items display on the phone calendar.

    Another thing when I delete a message from the phone it doesn't delete it in the users outlook. I only mention this because with my Droid at our office I can. I even deleted my account off my phone and connected it to the users at this place and my phone had the same problem with the calendar and contacts as his to eliminate it being a phone issue.
    Can anyone help me?
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