DROID BIONIC and MotoPrint issues

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    I've been trying to print a PDF file from QuickOffice on my DB. When I select Print, I'm immediately presented with an Introductory Screen. I press Continue. The screen says No Favorites. I select Add Printers ->At Home. Then select Find printers (automatically). The next screen shows my Dell 1320C and the correct IP address on my Home Network. When I try to check the box adjacent to it, it comes back with "MOTOPRINT host is needed to print from this printer. MOTOPRINT host can be downloaded to your PC from www.motorola.com/motoprint.
    When I go to the Motorola web site the FAQ says "The PC Host is no longer available, please use the alternatives like, Google Cloud Print or similar apps found in the Google play store, to connect your device to your printer via a PC."
    It appears MOTOPRINT is the default for QuickOffice, on my DB. Is there a way I can disable MOTOPRINT or change the default printer to Google Cloud Print? Google Cloud Print works just fine from OfficeSuite on my DB.
    Thanks in advance for the assistance
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