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    Hey everyone!

    I've been having some issues with my beloved Droid 3 this past week. It's a refurb from Asurion, replacing my dearly beloved first Droid 3 I lost (but a month later found).

    At first, the phone's screen would change the wallpaper from the picture I had set to the default randomly. Nothing major, just annoying, and this went on for a little while, maybe a few months.

    Then this past week, the phone wouldn't display (at first it was very very dim, then went totally black) without the keyboard being at least partially slid out. I did some research and it appeared to be a flex cable issue. I tried to take it apart myself, but one of my wrists is messed up and it was hilariously difficult to do one-handed. I sucked it up, and figured I had about 2 weeks or so to get some extra hands to do the replacement. It started acting REALLY weird after 2 days; phone calls made the screen totally black, even if the keyboard was slid out and I had to reboot the phone to get the screen working again.

    Today, my phone won't even boot. I got a static-y white screen and when the battery was removed/replaced and I tried to start the device again, the screen lit up, but remained black.

    I know it may be a flex cable issue, but is there anything I'm overlooking? There is no sign of water damage. I've dropped my phone on occasion, but no more than maybe once every now and again.

    I do have a non-refurb phone that I can use for parts, so that's no worry.

    On a completely different note, one thing that's annoyed me about the refurb I've been using is the keyboard. The "B" key sometimes doesn't work when pressed, unless I press it hard. While I have my phone disassembled, I figured I can fix that too, if possible. Is there a way to fix that?

    Thanks so much for any help!
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