Downgrade 2.3.3 to 2.2.x? Possible?

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    I know i sound like an idiot, but I've always wanted to downgrade the Droid 2 Global back to froyo, mostly just to try it out because i got my D2G a lil' late. So i got it with Gingerbread 2.3.3. I know how to downgrade 2.3.4 go 2.3.3 without issue. But I have been standing around like i didnt even know Froyo existed. But ive found a stock AOSP Froyo rom somewhere. and ive only tried froyo once. I fixed up my friend's LG Ally (slow phone, by the way) and ive played with froyo. so i really like it. CM7 is for froyo on the d2g, and so is Hexen (Which is probably gone by now) but ive been able to do this:

    SBF to Gingerbread 2.3.3

    Got Bricked

    Used this file (The unbrick 2.3.3 Gingerbread sbf below)

    Rooted using Frameroot

    Bootstrapped (After I installed, of course)

    Downgraded to 2.2.x Froyo


    Used Unbrick File

    Got White "M" logo!

    After about 15 Seconds, Logo faded away (YES, IT ACTUALLY *FADED* LEFT TO RIGHT)

    Waited 5 minutes (Did not want to make the bricked and low batt at the same time, so i shut down after that)

    Im on Liquid ICS ROM now (Stable, stock, fast, smooth. Just a bit boring)

    Anyone want to risk the Accidental Bricked AND Low Battery? (If You Have A Friend With A Similar Phone Or Another Full Battery)

    Thanks to whoever wants to inform me or help me!

    Downgrade SBF (Sucuessfully went to 2.3.3, Kinda went to 2.2.x)
    BL=2 BOOT REC CDT.sbf

    Wifi Patch if it doesn't work on 2.3.3 (Worked For Me)

    Im also up to trading this thing to a OG Droid, If anyone has one i can trade you this one! (its in about 65%-70% positive condition, i can also have stock rooted 2.3.4 if anyone wants it that way. because i heard that 2.3.4 can be hard to root.

    Basically, ill trade my D2G for the OG Droid. PM Me if you are interested! :biggrin:
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