Does Android hide memory storage info?

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by Ariel Gerardo, Aug 21, 2014.


Does Android hide any storage information other than what is found in the Settings?

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  1. Ariel Gerardo

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    Hello Guys,

    I would to ask if the Storage Info found in the Settings are the actual memory capacities of the device? I would like also to ask if Android hides storage or memory info about the device? The scenario is that I am seeing 4GB listed as my total internal SD memory and another 1GB memory for RAM. Is it possible that aside from the memory info I am seeing in my device settings, there are other memory consumption info not shown in the device settings but are actually in the device? Please I need your replies as this would clear up a lot of confusion for me and if its not too much to ask, please reply in the soonest time possible. Thanks so much guys...Your replies are greatly appreciated...
  2. promo87

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    Well, I don't think Android hide the memory storage info ! What you are seeing is the storage space available for you.