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    I've seen dozens of similar posts with no solution, but I'm not ready to give up yet...
    I recently purchased a used Droid 3 with a cracked screen but in otherwise perfectly working condition. Ordered a new digitizer, took it all apart and replaced the cracked one, phone starts fine but I have no touch control (I can power off the phone using the keypad), took everything apart again to make sure all connections were secure, put it back together, still nothing...
    I disassembled the phone for a third time to re-install the cracked glass, still no touch control (phone boots fine with keyboard)...
    I only see one connection between the digitizer and the ribbon on the back of the lcd, and one connection between that ribbon and the motherboard, all connections are tight and I see no damage anywhere... I'm lost, is there something I could be over looking, is there some way to maybe run an error test over a usb connection, has anybody experiencing similar issues found a solution?
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