Dial from Calendar for conference calls?

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    Nov 22, 2009
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    Is there a way to set up how you list dial in numbers for conference calls in the calender so that you can dial directly from the calender entry?

    Wherever I put a 10 digit phone number in the calendar, I can successfully dial by touching that number - very nice.

    However, if I put a number in the calendar entry that includes a passcode (for example 877 222 2222 p222222 (which on old phone meant dial 877 222 2222 pause for a moment, then send 2222222) instead of dialing, it searches in google maps for 877 222 2222 p222222... which of course doesnt exist.

    Not a big deal, but one touch entry to a conference call is NICE, and means that my old man memory doesnt have to work so hard. :)

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