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    I am having trouble deleting repeating events from the Droid calendar (sync'd to my Google calender). I tend to create many events that repeat (mostly daily) and some are at specific times, others are all day events.
    When I try to delete the event, I wish to delete ONLY the one instance. For example, if I have "Lunch" at 12-1pm daily, and it is Thursday, I ask the phone to delete Lunch 12-1pm for Thurs only. It doesn't delete, but continues to be there on my phone. If I change the event to a different time, I can delete the event for that day, but the repeating event shows back up on that day.

    I have NO problem deleting things from the Google calendar when I get online. I have also tried creating events both on my phone, and online on the calendar, but it makes no difference...I have the same problem no matter where I created it.
    Single events I have NO problem deleting,'s the repeating ones that won't delete.

    Any help is appreciated!
    PS-Am loving my Droid!
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