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    I plan to switch from a Blackberry to a Droid X but I first want to learn if the Droid X has the operations I want.

    Q1 -- I currently do not have a gmail account. What additional capability does gmail add?

    I want to do the following email operations with the Droid x:

    Q2 -- Can the phone receive email from my existing mailbox on a pop3 server but also be left on the server?

    Q3 -- From the phone, can I delete selected emails from both the phone and server.

    Q4 -- From the phone, can I delete email, from the phone only, all emails older than a date that I specify -- without effecting the server?
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    Gmail enables a complete sync of contacts, calendar, and apps list that will migrate from device to device without the need for backup. Many other things can be synced in other applications as well, such as browser bookmarks.
    The generic mail app that comes with the Android platform is compatible with both pop3 and IMAP. Pop3, in the settings on the moto blurr email app has a checkbox in the settings "Remover manually deleted emails from server". I've found that the generic email app that non-moto blurr phones have is more functional.

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