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    I've searches and searched. And to no avail. I had a Droid X for the longest time. Yesterday I got a RAZR and transferred my SD card to it. I cannot see alot of the files. Some of these are VERY important (Kids birthdays, graduation videos etc) I reallize they must have been created when I had the X set to "encrypt" File size is accurate, but length on videos shows 0:00, etc. I DID think I was smart and even backed up the phoen contents FROM the X while plugged into the computer to the local HDD, and an external HDD. I know it's not corrupted files, because all three locations the files are inaccessible. I am desperate. Attempted to transfer them back to the X, and they won't play now. I literally looked at all of them the day prior. Help please? is there a decode app that can work? I'm not worried if I have to pay for it. Or is there a way to use the X to decrypt the files and transfer to the RAZR. I have both phoens in my hand right now just trying to figure this out.

    Please assist.

    Thank you all in advance for any help. (Other then those that say I'm screwed, I don't like you already! lol)
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